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Alliance Movers is a family owned and operated moving company that you can
trust when it’s time to move. We have over 32 years of dedicated moving
experience and thousands of satisfied customers.




Available 7 Days A Week

We never stop moving

Alliance Movers has 32 years of experience moving from door to door coast to coast. We take all of the stress and worry out of moving with our full service moving operations.

Let us handle everything from packing and loading to moving, unloading and unpacking so you can focus on your family while we handle the heavy lifting!

We have swiftly grown over the years from one moving and a weekend operation to a full fleet of 25 trucks running 7 days a week.

You can trust our experienced full-service moving company to safely and carefully move your entire home, apartment, or office from point A to Point B at a value you wont find from any other company!


save money!

Doing it yourself can actually cost you more than calling a pro. Our special computerized price list lets us calculate your move by the piece. We’ll stay as long as necessary to get you safely moved, at the same guaranteed low price.

Save Time!

Our movers will likely move more people in a day than all your moves combined. You’ll spend plenty of time just packing and planning for your new residence. Just one phone call can save you days worth of time. Do yourself a big time-saver favor!

Save Injury!

How much is your health worth? Statistics reveal that many injuries occur while lifting and moving bulky objects. Such injuries can cost you time off from work and a trip to the doctor or chiropractor–costing you even more money and time. Do your body a big favor, let us do the hard work so you can relax at your new location.

Save Hassle!

Not only is moving a burden for you, but often it becomes a burden on your friends and family. Why hassle with trying to rent or borrow a truck and equipment, calling your friends who always seem too busy on the day you have to move. Why not just invite them over after you are safely moved…for less! Avoid the Hustle Hassle!

Packing & Unpacking

Packing is also a huge hassle. We have trained movers that will safely pack and secure your valuable belongings.

Local Moves

At Alliance, we go the distance…even if it’s long distance. We’re experienced in local and long distance relocation.

Loading & Unloading

Attention do-it-yourselfers! We can even come out and load or unload your moving truck. 

Long Distance Moves

Our trained professionals will safely move you from city to city.  Big movers can’t match our personal customer service and certainly not our prices. 

Valuable Moves

We’re also available when you’re just moving items or furniture around town for friends or family, let us help with the big stuff.

Guaranteed Phone Quote

We have a computerized list of items so your quote is as easy as picking up the phone. We even guarantee the price you’re quoted.

How We Work

How We Work

Alliance Movers is a professional moving company that understands we are in the business of moving your family’s life not just your physical possessions. We use the best equipment, and provide a highly trained team to protect and move your home or business. 

• A Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Phoenix Moving 
• Local and State Wide Apartment, Home and Office Moving
• Licensed and Insured Moving Professionals
• Packing and Loading Services
• Moving Supplies

Step :1

Get an Estimate 

We even guarantee the price you’re quoted by phone and we won’t surprise you with hidden fees at the end of the job.

step :2

Plan your move 

The giant movers cannot match our personal customer service and certainly not our move prices. Try our free quote and see.

Step :3

Schedule your move

We have swiftly grown from a one truck, weekend operation, to over 25 trucks running 7 days a week. 

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