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Welcome to the very first incentive plan created exclusively for Apartment Leasing Agents and Apartment Locators. A simple referral system that can actually earn you money just by doing what you do best—your job!


As a Leasing Agent or Apartment Locator, you spend much time assisting hundreds of people moving each day. These hundreds of moves could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket!

Alliance Mover Agents

Extra Income

Alliance Movers has an exclusive program called the AGENT FIRST INCENTIVE PLAN, which enables Apartment Leasing Agents and Locators to earn money from every client that uses or even calls Alliance Movers.

Paid Monthly

Your monthly check will be accompanied by a statement listing the name of clients who called, and the date in which they were moved!

More Moves = More $$

Sound good so far? Listen to this! The more moves you refer, the higher percentage we will send you. Below is the schedule of money you COULD BE RECEIVING each month.

  • $10.00 each 1st thru 5th moves
  • $25.00 each 6th thru l0th moves
  • $50.00 each 11 or more moves
  • $1.00 paid for calls/quotes only

Time is Wasting… Cash is Waiting!

Hot Prizes!

Members of the AGENT FIRST INCENTIVE PLAN will also enjoy many other great benefits.


  • Free coupon for two people to enjoy dinner at the finest area restaurants for the top 20 producers each month.
  • 20% discount and $10.00 referral check for your own personal moving.
  • Cash from $25 to$100 for your apartment activities such as pool parties, Halloween and Christmas parties, etc. For agents with more than 3 moves per month for 5 consecutive months.

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